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Hello Canada!

Oct 10, 2016, 15:34 PM by Bob Atkinson
Running a game changing business is more important than starting one. After 25+ years in business, I have learned the hard way that doing things right is more important than simply doing things!

MPOWER Energy Solutions is proud to bring the Tesla Powerwall to Canadians.  Based in Toronto with operations in most parts of the country, we are ready to begin taking pre-orders to secure your place in line.

make energy matter

MPOWER believes in clean, reliable energy for all Canadians.  The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is well underway around the globe.  This is driven by concerns about climate change, rising electricity prices and, ultimately, the security that comes from energy self-sufficiency.  The ability to store energy locally is the silver bullet for individuals to actively participate in this transition.

The MPOWER Solution, featuring the Tesla Powerwall, provides households and small business with the ability to store electricity locally.  This stored energy can be used when and how you choose … back-up power when the blackout happens, time of use electricity rate arbitrage or storage of grid tied rooftop solar power.

While there is incumbent technology that can do some of this today, the world leading lithium-ion battery from Tesla has many advantages.   It is cleaner and has a longer life cycle than traditional batteries.   And compared with a gas or diesel powered generator, it burns no fossil fuels and emits virtually no operating noise.

For those of you who have registered interest already, thank you for your patience.   And if you are visiting for the first time, we look forward to speaking with you to see if the MPOWER Solution is right for you.

Bob Atkinson
President, MPOWER Energy Solutions
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