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Elon said it costs $3,500

Jun 1, 2017, 15:52 PM by Amy Choi

Many people have asked why the total installed MPOWER Solution featuring the Tesla Powerwall is more than they expected.  They tell us, "Elon said it costs $3,500."

Let me try to explain why it costs more than $3,500.

MPOWER does not determine the pricing charged for Powerwall.  This is the posted Tesla pricing.
Powerwall Pricing Comparison

Double the Power for the Same Price

The overall pricing for Powerwall is essentially the same because of the integrated inverter in AC Powerwall 2.  The inverter converts the energy stored in DC (direct current) format in the Powerwall 2 battery into AC (alternating current) that is used to power the electrical loads in your home.

Powerwall 1 vs. 2

For Powerwall 1 to operate, a SolarEdge 7600A inverter was required in Canada, amongst other equipment.  If we compare apples to apples, now that the inverter is integrated into AC Powerwall 2, you get double the power for the same price!

Installation Pricing

To get Powerwall 2 properly and safely installed on your property, there are additional expenses:

Powerwall - Minimum Install Costs

This does not include solar installation, electrical upgrades, taxes, permit fees or any retailer/connection charges that may apply.  Installation costs will vary based on your electrical panel, and where you would like your Powerwall installed.  

Taking the list above and providing some examples and price ranges:

Powerwall Additional Install Costs

*The above assumes a standard installation which means all electrical and building infrastructure is code compliant and no upgrades are required, conduit is exposed and the MPOWER Solution is installed within 152cm or 5' of the main electrical panel.  A minimum of (HxW) 152cm x 213cm or 5' x 7' wall space is required to install Powerwall and all the required equipment.

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