Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Powerwall?
What are utility connection costs?
What is the payback period on a typical system?
How much will Powerwall save me on my electricity bill?
How much can I save on my bill if I have solar?
Are there rebates for Powerwall like electric vehicles?
Are there any provincial or federal grants/incentives available?
Do I require additional insurance coverage?
Can I sell excess power back to the grid?
Are there additional value streams associated with Powerwall (e.g. aggregated demand response)?


What to do in the event of any threat to health or safety?

Technical / Operational

How long will Powerwall last?
Can Powerwall work without internet?
What happens to my old Powerwall when it needs to be replaced?
What’s the warranty for the inverter?
Are there different Powerwall colours available?
How many Powerwalls do I need?
How long can I run my electrical loads when the power goes out?
What type of battery is Powerwall?
Why should I get a Powerwall instead of lead acid batteries?
Why is this a better option than a gas generator for my home?
Are there any benefits to having a Powerwall if I already have a backup generator?
I have a microFIT Contract. Can I add a battery back-up or supply system to my microFIT Facility?
Can I get solar with my Powerwall?
Can I add Powerwall to my existing solar system?
Why do I need a separate solar inverter?
Can I go off grid?
What is Net Metering and can I participate in the program?
Can I connect my Powerwall to a backup generator?
Can Powerwall charge my electric car?
How do I find out how much electricity my house consumes?


I live in a condo – can I get a Powerwall?
Can I install the Powerwall or have my electrician install the Powerwall?
Where should Powerwall be installed?
Do I need to purchase/obtain any permits/licenses to operate Powerwall?
What happens if I move? Can I bring my Powerwall with me?
What type of structural support is required to hold Powerwall in place?
Can Powerwall be installed on brick, concrete, drywall, etc.?
How much space (area) is typically needed for a Powerwall installation?
Can I move Powerwall after it has been installed?
Where can I go to see a Powerwall?
I don’t live in Canada. Can I buy a Powerwall from MPOWER?
How long will installation take?
Can I put Powerwall outside?
Tesla Solar Tiles / Solar Roof / Solar Shingles


How does Powerwall help the environment?
What are the emissions savings associated with Powerwall?