Powerwall 2 is Here.

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Powerwall 2

We believe in providing clean, reliable energy for Canadians.

Who We Are

Founded in Toronto, Ontario, MPOWER Energy Solutions is accelerating Canada’s transition to a clean energy future by delivering smart, reliable energy services and solutions. We are helping Canadians further sustainability goals with an automated and fully-integrated green energy solution to help homeowners, businesses and utilities start reducing their carbon footprint, today.
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Tesla Powerwall

The innovative & sleek Tesla Powerwall, using advanced lithium ion battery technology, is a completely automated system requiring no maintenance.

Sustainable Power Is Here


Clean & Reliable

You can power critical appliances as well as essential devices during an outage providing security, safety and peace of mind.


Sustainable Power

Connect to your solar power for safe, reliable storage using advanced, proven, lithium ion batteries.


Smart Energy Use

Where Time-of-Use or Load Shifting pricing exists, store energy at low cost times and use it during high price peak periods.

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